wildlife-tour-land-between-the-lakesThe Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Center is a must visit place for animal lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. At LBL there’s a philosophy of recreational and educational conservation in the peninsula between Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake, south of Paducah, KY.

With a variety of habitats including woodlands, wetlands, and grassland, there’s a world of adventures for adults and children alike. LBL is a great place for a day trip or a vacation, for a field trip or an organized party.

LBL wildlife experiences are all about getting back to nature and you can choose to go it alone or benefit from the expertise of the Friends of LBL who run organised tours and educational sessions. Wildlife viewing is one of the most popular nature themed activities at LBL and there are some real special places to visit.

Thanks to a successful program to revive the native prairie grassland, LBL conservators were able to re-introduce elk and bison back to one of their original areas of habitation. At Elk and Bison Prairie you are taken back to the time of Native Americans and the herds freely roam 700 acres of enclosed pasture. Bison can also be seen at South Bison Range. Here, the animals wander about two 100 acre pastures so there’s great photo opportunities and closer up viewing

At Woodlands Nature Station there’s a home for animals that can no longer survive the wild and the animals are homed in the station’s Backyard. Children and adults alike will love the chance to participate in feeding time and you can interact with horned owl, bald eagle, fallow deer and red wolf. It’s also at Woodlands that most of the guided wildlife tours begin. Here you can find out about hiking tours, canoe exhibitions or plan a mountain bike trip.

The lakes, wetlands and meadows have their own indigenous birds and animals so at LBL you can enjoy nature as it just carries out its day to day business. View wild turkey, Canadian geese, blue heron, white-tails and coyote to mention just a few, all in their own natural habitat.

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