The Land Between the Lakes


Nestled along the Kentucky Tennessee boarder is one of Americas greatest outdoor secretes.  The Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area (LBL), features more outdoor activities than you are likely to find in any National Park.  LBL is a 170,000 acre natural preserve that lies between Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake.  Created in 1961 by President Kennedy, the national recreation area includes all manner of wild species and is open to hunting and fishing during specified times.

A special 750 acres area includes a restored habitat that house bison and elk and is open to visitors.  Additionally, LBL includes several campgrounds including one specifically for Horseback riders.  Several trails are designated for off road vehicles, and hiking, as well as miles of trails for mountain biking.  Beyond the Bison and Elk, the Land Between the Lakes is home to Deer, wild turkey, bobcats, bald eagles, osprey, and a host of other species.

Aside from the natural beauty and amazing collection of wild animals, LBL maintains a working version of a historically accurate 1850’s farm.  The Homeplace, as it is known, allows visitors to walk back in time and see how early settlers lived and worked.  The farm includes living quarters with a working kitchen, and active barnyard with livestock, a wood working shop, as well as planted fields.  Special activities are conducted at the Homeplace throughout the year, and visitors are encouraged to participate.

Another fabulous feature of the park is the Golden Pond Planetarium and Observatory.  This working planetarium is open daily for shows that will both excite and educate visitors with a look into deep space.  The Planetarium is priced for all budgets and it is a great way to spend some quality family time.

While LBL enjoys over 2,000,000 visitors are year, the area rarely seems crowed as outdoor enthusiasts are able to spread across the vast terrain and enjoy time on the lakes.  Beyond the borders of the national recreations area you will find all the golf, dining and entertainment that you would hope for in a vacation experience.

As you are planning your next outdoor vacation, take a look at the Land Between the Lakes.  Once you see all the area has to offer, LBL will find its way onto your destination short list.

The Land Between the Lakes

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