Lake Barkley And Kentucky Lake Golf

Lake Barkley And Kentucky Lake Golf

No Vacation at Land Between the Lakes would be complete without a round or two of golf. Do doubt you would expect the links to be as nice as the area around Barkley and Kentucky Lakes, and with these courses, you won’t be disappointed.

The area around Land Between the Lakes has several options to help you satisfy your urge to get out and take in a round. Whether you choose courses in the areas immediately around the Land Between the Lakes, or you are willing to drive a few minutes past the LBL borders, the options are endless. Take a moment to look through these course links and find the Land Between the Lakes golf courses that appeal to your skill and aesthetic needs.

Whether you are looking for the Lake views of Mineral Round Golf course on Lake Barkley or the Lake Barkley State Resort Park course tucked away right along the border of the Land Between the Lakes, you will find both challenging courses that test you limits, as well as, some of the most beautiful views in Kentucky or anywhere else. With over 20 courses in and around the Land Between the Lakes, you are sure to find the perfect course for both your game and your vacation.

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