When preparing to hunt in the Land Between the Lakes is is important to know the regulations. While it is easy to stay within the bounds of the law, a good hunter will be sure to understand the rules before they embark on their hunt.

Hunting is permitted during approved hunting seasons only. See our Hunting Information Sheets for hunt dates.

Hunters must possess a $25 Annual LBL Hunter Use Permit. Permits can be obtained from any LBL Welcome Facility or where ever KY & TN Hunting licenses are sold.

Hunters must also have applicable state hunting licenses and permits.

A Federal Migratory Waterfowl Stamp and state waterfowl stamps are needed for waterfowl hunting in addition to LBL and state licenses and permits.

Hunters must possess a hunter safety card according to state regulations, and all youth hunters must have attended a hunter safety course.

Portable tree stands and climbing devices that do not injure trees are permitted.

Licensed motorized vehicles are permitted only on roads which are marked by numbered signs and corresponding numbers on the LBL Recreation Map and MVUM. Other LBL roads are for administrative access or trails, but are not legal to drive on. Unlicensed motorized vehicles, including four-wheelers, are allowed only in the Turkey Bay Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Area and require a permit. Parking is permitted within one vehicle length of a legal road. Blocking access to any road or trail is prohibited. Rutting of fields is prohibited. Do not leave campfire rings (rocks) in fields. – Firearms possessed during legal hunting season by licensed hunters must be cased and unloaded (chamber and magazine) while being transported in a motorized vehicle. Spotlighting or the use of any artificial lights to locate wildlife is prohibited at all times. Hunting deer from horseback or hunting deer with the use of dogs is prohibited. Paint, tape, flagging, or other artificial materials shall not be used to mark trees, trails, or routes. No discharge of a firearm or other implement capable of taking animal life within 150 yards of any developed area. The placement of bait or hunting over bait, including food or mineral substances, is prohibited on LBL. Wildlife refuges are closed to all hunting year-round and closed to human entry during the refuge period. Nature Watch Areas are closed to hunting unless otherwise indicated. Hunters must not be under the influence of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances. All applicable state and federal regulations must be observed. To protect the future of hunting, hunters are encouraged to be sensitive and courteous to other visitors.

Land Between the Lakes Hunting

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